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The Middle Sabi Renewstable®  is being developed within the Chipangayi Renewable Energy Technology Park (RETPark).

RETPark is a landmark multi-project, renewable energy technology park which is purposely designed and developed to tenant IPP companies who intend to install their solar, biomass, wind power, green hydrogen and other technologies, based on resources available in the vicinity of the park. Investment in the park is focused on installing pioneering technology in collaboration with leading global technology and investment partners.


Zimbabwe has developed Vision (2030), with the goal to become a middle-income economy by 2030 under the National Development Strategy (NDS). Zimbabwe is committed to achieving “Sustainable Energy for All”, as enshrined in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 7 and in the National Renewable Energy Policy (2021).

HDF Energy is committed to support these local and national ambitions by developing not only the first utility scale green hydrogen power plant in Zimbabwe, the Middle Sabi Renewstable® but also by:


  • Producing 100% green, stable baseload electricity reducing Green House Gas emissions as well as,

  • Constructing a green hydrogen refueling station, a first of its kind for Zimbabwe which will enable the demonstration of green mobility,

  • Reducing energy dependency through imports from neighbouring countries.


The HDF’s Renewstable® architecture will provide stable and dispatchable power thus adding stability to the grid. A Renewstable® power plant uses local sources of clean energy to enhance domestic production of electricity, reducing exposure to imported fuels, associated price volatility and supply risks.

RenewstablE® benefits

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