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 the impact

HDF developments are considered by the local communities and the wider civic societies of the countries of establishment as contributors to the regional and national economies. Besides its benefits for the power sector, HDF's project also has a wide range of benefits for other sectors. Therefore, we are excited for the potential value of a project of this size and scope for Zimbabwe.

 BENEFITS FOR zimbabwe

  • Environmental impact: The solution we provide is clean and sustainable energy and an opportunity to offset emissions from ZPC’s fossil-based power generation and assist to reach the renewable energy targets set out in Zimbabwe’s National Renewable Energy Policy (NREP-2019).

  • Reinforcement of the National Grid at Middle Sabi-Substation: The project is located in the southeast part of Zimbabwe, very far from the country’s largest generation assets in the northwest. Benefits are thus created by locating generation closer to the demand load centers thus reducing transmission losses, as is the case with the Middle Sabi Renewstable®.

  • Devolution, social and economic impact: Chipinge District where the project is located is an underdeveloped region and is within Manicaland Province which has one of the lowest GDPs per capita’s of the 10 provinces in Zimbabwe. The project looks to create economic opportunities that accelerate the national agenda of Zimbabwe to become a “middle-income economy by 2023, leaving no one and no place behind”.

The RETPark and the projects within the concept are highly anticipated by the District and Province as an economic enabler, employer and to increase provincial Gross Domestic Product.

  • Women and energy: We see this project as an avenue to address barriers to female participation in the energy sector. Middle Sabi Renewstable intends to train women technical and engineering staff to attain gender balance at the onset of the project operation. 

  • Skills, training and education: A major advantage of these projects is the opportunity to introduce new skills to the region and create employment. A skilled labour force, with women and youth in the mix, that is cable of contributing to the country and region’s emerging green hydrogen market.

  • A new industry and foreign direct investment: a first-of-its-kind, large-scale, green hydrogen power project in the country that will drive much needed investment into the country.

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