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Haut Technology

 the technology

Green power available 24/7


Operating as an independent power producer (IPP), HDF develops and operates high-capacity, Hydrogen-to-Power infrastructure that provides continuous or on-demand electricity from renewable energy combined with high-power fuel cells.

HDF has developed two models of multi-megawatt power plants:

  • (POWER TO POWER): firm, dispatchable and stable electricity generation from an intermittent renewable source using locally produced green hydrogen.

  • (GAS TO POWER): On-demand power generation from green hydrogen from gas transportation networks or any other green hydrogen projects locally implemented.


HDF is developing a utility-scale Renewstable® power plant in Zimbabwe. This is a bankable technology solution that is leveraging Zimbabwe’s strong renewable energy offering and available land to deploy what could be the largest green hydrogen power plant in the region.

The technologies used for this project are based on solar panels, green hydrogen production and storage, high power fuel cells and lithium-ion batteries. Those technologies are well known but newly combined to obtain a bankable, modular, scalable, and ready to be deployed power solution.


The Solar Power Plant generates the carbon-free primary source of electricity for the Renewstable® Power Plant when the sun is shining.


The Battery Storage provides the end of the day peak power and, in combination with the hydrogen storage, ensures the stability of the electricity service.


The long-term H2 Storage System:


converts electricity from the photovoltaic park into hydrogen using an electrolyze system during the day, turning water and oxygen into hydrogen,

stores the gaseous hydrogen produced in horizontal metallic tanks and then,

produces electricity from stored hydrogen using a Hydrogen Fuel Cell during the night.


THe benefits

  • Reduced energy costs and energy independence: The country will benefit from a stable and competitive set price for 20+ years. In addition it will substitute imports from the region

  • Grid services: This includes power flexibility, system protection & grid support, black start/system resoration and long term storage and back up capabilities.

  • Green baseload: The plants will deliver stable, firm and reliable power to the grid.

  • GHG emission free during operation: water and clean, grid-friendly power are the only outputs.

The Commitment

With full commitment in continuous technological innovation for the protection of the environment and the support of the community, HDF Energy Zimbabwe is dedicated to contributing to the global effort for sustainability and advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Working closely with the communities in the countries where it operates.


HDF Energy is committed to the development of state-of-the art renewable energy power plants and electricity storage facilities, while adhering to a strict code of practices: no compromise on safety; full compliance with National and EU legislative requirements and directives; avoidance of environmental, health and safety hazards and risks; and commitment to high safety and health standards for all its employees, contractors, and the wider community. These form the backbone of HDF Energy’ s philosophy.


about hydrogen

schema H2O-01.png

Hydrogen technology has been around since the 19th century. This technology is well-known for being proven and non-polluting. HDF works exclusively with the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of hydrogen energy systems. 


The long-term hydrogen storage technology is based on the water cycle: it consists in breaking down a water molecule (H2O) and then recomposing it. The system only emits oxygen and water. It contains no chemicals, therefore there are no harmful emissions or pollutants.

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