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the Chipangayi Renewable Energy
Technology Park Welcomes HDF Energy

HDF Energy, the French major Independent Power Producer specializing in mass storage of electricity and non-intermittent renewable energy generation, has initiated project development in Zimbabwe with the Middle Sabi Renewstable® as part of its pipeline. The Middle Sabi Renewstable® is being developed within the multi-project, multi-technology, multi-investor Chipangayi Renewable Energy Technology Park (RETPark). RETPark has been under development since 2016, and has obtained all the initial permiting and studies to allow fast development of tenant investments.

Created in 2012, HDF Energy is a global pioneer in high-power hydrogen power plants. The Company designs and develops power plants that generate non-intermittent, non-polluting renewable energy, day and night. In addition, HDF Energy organises the financing, construction and operation of these power plants through Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV's). HDF is the designer of Renewstable®, its flagship model of multi-megawatt power plants producing firm power from an intermittent renewable energy source (wind or solar) and massive energy storage in the form of green hydrogen-based technology generated on site. HDF Energy is also an industrial company which will mass produce, from 2024, the most strategic component of its power plants - high-power fuel cells - in Blanquefort near Bordeaux, France.


With a dedicated team and an innovative, green baseload solution, HDF is excited to expand its footprint into Zimbabwe. HDF Energy will dedicate its attention and resources to support the country’s national objectives of realizing energy independence, stabalising the grid network, increasing renewable energy in the energy mix, and reducing greenhouse gases emissions, and in the process will kickstart the local green hydrogen industry.

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